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Positive Response works with dozens of organisations across the UK who use PBM training in different settings. Some are large NHS hospitals or social services departments and some are independent care organisations of varying sizes. Here is a selection of case studies written by our customers to give you an outline of how it works in practice.
Using PBM within Brandon Trust

PBM for Families

PBM was one of the first courses to offer training directly to family carers. Before we provide training, we ask the family to help complete a pre-training check to make sure that the training is appropriate. We then provide a theory day and up to a day’s practical training in physical interventions if required. The latter is tailored completely around the needs of the family member who presents with behavioural challenges and aims to keep the need for any physical intervention to an absolute minimum.

Here are some quotes from family members about PBM training, all of which are taken from an evaluation that was published in the International Journal of Positive Behaviour Support 2011:

‘All the content was excellent, it was very good...I was very pleased with it. All my questions were answered’

‘Having time to focus on this has been brilliant’

‘It would have made life a lot easier for us if we’d had the training before now’

‘Having time out to focus on this has been brilliant’

‘I’m just so glad I did it, really enjoyed every minute of it. It was excellent. I’d say it was the best thing I’ve ever done’

‘The training was the turning point for us as a family’

The research was carried out by Sarah Hawkins, Neil Kaye and David Allen. Please click here to read the full article.