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Jul 1, 2020


Covid-19 training instructions

We have updated the Covid-19 instructions for training courses that we run ourselves.  The instructions are in Care Staff Training section in the course outlines and guidelines sub-folder and the health questionnaire is with the course paperwork (unchanged). You are ..

Jun 30, 2020


How to print a trainer manual

If you would like a printed manual you can make one by printing the powerpoint. Open each powerpoint unit and click File/Print and then instead of Full Page Slides choose Notes Pages. Remember to select double-sided if possible and black ..

Jun 17, 2020


Associate Trainers

As an associate trainer within an affiliated organisation you can only train PBMpro to your own staff. You cannot train anyone who works in a different organisation. This has been further clarified by Bild ACT as below: “If it is ..

Jan 20, 2020


Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards – updated January 2020

The Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Training Standards have been written for training services delivered to education, health and social care services across the UK including services that support people with learning disabilities, autism, ABI, dementia and mental health conditions. The ..