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COVID-19 information

Like you, we have been busy trying to process the rapidly evolving guidance relating to the COVID-19 outbreak. As you are aware, the virus can be spread by people coughing or otherwise exhaling infected fluid and also by touching contaminated surfaces and then subsequently touching their own face. Training staff in Positive Behaviour Management strategies at this time is clearly an activity likely to increase risk of infection to participants in that it involves group instruction in physical interventions (involving direct and repeated physical contact) and in potentially compromised environments.

We are gradually beginning to run courses but, as part of our phased return to providing training services, we will prioritise those who have their own training facilities and where risk assessments indicate the urgent need to do so. We will review the governmental information with regard to restrictions and any new public health advice on a weekly basis. Any updates to our plans for a phased return will appear on this webpage. If you’d like to discuss any potential booking please get in touch.

We realise that, as a care provider, you may have an urgent need to continue to train new recruits if you have your own PBM trainers. If you feel that such training is unavoidable, having balanced the risk of infection against the risk of injury, we would recommend that you teach in very small groups and ensure that all current personal hygiene recommendations are fully implemented. All participants must also have adequate PPE. Where possible, restricting new staff to low-risk environments would be an alternative and perhaps preferred strategy.

Guidance for trainers and a health questionnaire for trainers and delegates to complete is available on our trainers’ area and will also be sent out to organisations who request direct care staff training.

BILD ACT has temporarily suspended the requirement for annual refreshers (for care staff and trainers) during the pandemic.

If there is anything that we can do to support you throughout this difficult period outside of the above, then please get in touch.

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