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PBS Champion

A cloud-based software system for recording and analysing behavioural incidents and restrictive interventions. Created by experienced PBS professionals for residential and supported living services.

PBS Champion software has been designed to give organisations and their key staff a quick and easy way to access essential information in real-time. It provides the capability to record, monitor and analyse behavioural incidents, restrictive interventions and PRN use at the individual, service and organisational level.

The system also includes an integrated PBS plan format with support to complete clear and effective plans, meeting high quality standards.

  • Saves time & easy to use
  • Provides evidence of good practice
  • Data-based decision making
  • Powerful tool for analysis
  • Supports organisational PBS

Recording and Analysis of Behaviours of Concern

Putting the right information into a system is essential to ensure that you can get the right information out. That’s why we’ve designed PBS Champion to maximise useful data analysis. The behaviour dropdown menus cover everything you need and are easy for staff to use. The behaviour incident form covers:

  • Frequency, duration and severity of incidents
  • Injuries
  • Antecedents and staff responses
  • Crisis responses, including restrictive interventions
  • Hot and cold debriefs
  • Manager sign off and actions

Analysis ensures that you can easily view collated information about antecedents as well as staff responses. No more trawling through incident forms and completing this manually.

Recording and Analysis of Restrictive Interventions

This section ensures that all the types of interventions that your organisation uses can be recorded. This includes both physical interventions and other types of restrictive interventions which may be used as short term risk management. This includes:

  • Breakaway techniques
  • Removals
  • Seated restraint
  • Additional techniques (if used)

The system also records who was on shift, who was involved in any restrictive interventions and the duration of the intervention.

Analysis provides the ability to see a clear graph of types of physical interventions used over a specific time period; as well as how often specific members of staff are involved in restrictive interventions.

Integrated PBS Plan with Guidance (additional extra)

Key to good Positive Behaviour Support is having a clear, regularly updated PBS plan. The PBS plan template provides a clear format and prompts to ensure that all the right information is included, in line with best practice guidance. PBS Champion provides this as standard, with training included from our online on-demand training centre. While there is one form to complete, the information can be printed as either the Detailed PBS Plan or the Summary PBS Plan.

Who will use PBS Champion?

  • Support Staff
  • Service Managers
  • PBS Practitioners & Behaviour specialists
  • Senior Leaders, Governance & Quality Leads

PBS Champion Costs

Charges for PBS Champion are based on the number of people your organisation supports. The licence to use the system is for a 12 month period.

PBS Champion Standard (Includes incident and restrictive intervention recording and full analysis)

Supporting up to 20 people – £2000.00 per year
Supporting between 20 and 49 people – £2750.00 per year
Supporting up to between 50 and 99 people – £3500.00 per year
Supporting between 100 and 200 people – £4250.00 per year
Supporting over 200 people – £5000.00 per year

Optional Add-ons

Integrated PBS Plan – Starting at £200.00 per year, dependent on number of people supported
Electronic MAR sheet – Starting at £300.00 per year, dependent on number of people supported
Accident recording – Starting at £200.00 per year, depending on number of people supported

Prices exclude VAT

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