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Positive Behaviour Management Pro (PBMpro) has been certified by BILD ACT and complies with the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Training Standards. The current certification is valid until 31 October 2025 and is re-certified every three years.

PBMpro is more than a physical intervention package. Its introduction and implementation, particularly when used to dovetail with Positive Behaviour Support, will help transform your organisation’s approach towards reducing restrictive practices.

It is an ethical training programme focused on cultural change and imbued with a commitment to respect for people being supported. It is well established and has evolved in line with developments in the sector. It began as, and remains, a pioneering method which rejects the use of punishment and the use of pain-based physical intervention techniques.

It has been a powerful influence in shaping staff attitudes and improving the quality of life for vulnerable people in services who are at risk of restrictive practice. Please take a moment to read through our testimonials to see first hand the positive impacts experienced by a sample of our long-term customers.

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PBMpro training is available in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Europe for working with adults and children.

PBMpro is one of the very few UK or international reactive strategy training approaches to have any supporting peer review research into its effectiveness.

PBMpro care staff full course – the full course addresses all parts of a PBS plan including:

• Primary prevention strategies (proactive interventions that effectively make the behaviour redundant)
• Secondary prevention strategies (changing the course of already triggered behavioural episodes through effective early intervention)
• Reactive strategies (ethical and safe approaches to those behavioural challenges which may not be preventable and require physical intervention)

PBMpro care staff foundation course – this one-day course is suitable for staff working in very low risk services.

PBMpro trainer course – larger organisations can train their own associate (in-house) trainers through our CPD-approved trainer programme.

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If you do not need physical intervention techniques please click here to see our PBS theory training.

NEW: PBS Champion – A cloud-based data collection system for recording and analysing behavioural incidents and restrictive interventions. Created by experienced PBS professionals for residential and supported living services. It enables you to record, monitor and analyse behavioural incidents, restrictive interventions and PRN use at the individual, service and organisational level. It also includes an integrated PBS plan format with support to complete clear and effective plans. This system is user friendly and would be ideal to use with PBMpro in supporting you with your ongoing training needs analysis.

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Trainers’ area for associate trainers in affiliate organisations

Associate trainers can download the PBMpro training materials from our trainers’ area. When you click the login button below you will go to a WordPress page. Existing users can login here. If you are a new trainer we will have to set you up as a new user first and then you will receive an email confirmation and a link to set your password. Please don’t try to login before you have an account as you will get blocked. Once you have logged in please download all the necessary materials onto your laptop well in advance of training so you can check everything works properly on your system.

If you have any login issues in future try using a newer browser such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome as older browsers may not work. If you still have trouble check with your IT dept to see if your firewall is blocking access.  Make sure you use the correct email and password. You can click to get a new password if you are not sure of it.  Please note that if you login wrongly your account access will be temporarily suspended. This will automatically reset after 4 hours.  Contact Melody at our office if you need assistance but please note it may take a few days to resolve if the issue needs to be referred to our website company.


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