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Testimonials and reviews

Thank you for your interest in our training. Here is a selection of testimonials and reviews. If you would like to send a contribution of your own, please click here.

“The PBMpro training programme is comprehensive, practically applied and can be tailored to all situations.” Integrate, Preston

“PBMpro is based on excellent values that promote an ethical and person-centred approach. The training is evidence based and progressive.” Community Therapeutic Services

“PBMpro provides us with a framework to develop positive, person centred approaches with people, focussing on improving their quality of life and reducing any restrictive practices.” Brandon Trust

“Positive Response are responsive, knowledgeable and professional. They provide and deliver high quality, robust training courses. We’ve been really grateful for their timely response with specialist advice.” Orbis Care and Education

“We have been using PBMpro and other Positive Response training formats since 2000. This training has been one of the main reasons why Milestones Trust has embraced PBS principles and approaches.” Milestones Trust

“We have seen an 86% reduction in physical interventions since implementing a PBS approach and PBM has been a vital part of that. Staff are now much more aware of the importance of having a proactive approach to behaviour management and understanding behaviour in order to support learners effectively.” Calthorpe Academy (Thrive Education Partnership)

“PBMpro is a positive benefit to our company. The theory really focuses on positive behaviour support, not only giving the trainees an insight into how to identify primary prevention but also focusing on secondary prevention and non-physical reactive strategies. We really appreciate the information on trauma and how this also shapes behaviours for individuals we support.” Favour Health

“The Brothers of Charity services have used Positive Response for a number of years regarding PBMpro training. We feel they are very professional and always happy to support our organisation with any training in relation to Positive Behaviour. PBMpro training equips our staff with learning that is specifically tailored to working with the care sector. The training provided aligns with the PBS principles of improving quality of life for our clients by reducing any issues around challenging behaviour. The training includes theory and practical elements emphasising on primary prevention rather than reactive strategies. This has greatly improved staffs’ understanding of the subject matter and enables them to support our clients in a more positive manner.” Brothers of Charity

“The PBMpro programme is intelligently constructed and equips staff with learning that is specifically tailored to working within this field. From the outset, the training fully aligns with the PBS principle of improving quality of life to achieve a reduction in challenging behaviour, rather than trying to tackle the behaviours themselves. It includes practical and wholly transferable concepts (including appropriate staff attire) with a clear emphasis on primary prevention rather than reactive strategies. This is essential training for staff at all stages of their career, regardless of seniority and has significantly improved our understanding of the subject matter. Training PBMpro to our support staff has given them, and us, a better understanding of the why behaviours happen and how to positively manage them. This shines through the positive support we offer, improving the quality of life for people we support. The team at Positive Response has been a great support and I can’t thank them enough.” Consensus Support Services

“Our organisation has been using PBMpro training for a number of years, the training fully aligns with the PBS principles and emphases the importance of proactive strategies when supporting individuals through improving their quality of life. The theory part of the training aids understanding of behaviours that challenge, the factors contributing to distress and allows staff to reflect on their practice and beliefs. The practical part of the training gives the teams confidence in managing crisis situations should they arise. Over the years we have seen a positive impact on the service delivery and proactive practice which is directly linked to implementation of PBS approaches and PBMpro training, this included better outcomes for people we support, reduction in physical interventions and restrictions.’’ Salutem Care and Education

“Stroud Court Community Trust invests heavily in staff training and over the eight years of delivering PBMpro we have seen a marked reduction in behavioural challenges and the use of PRN medication. Due to ongoing PBMpro training, our staff have become very skilled at being proactive and using mostly primary and secondary preventions to diffuse situations. The outcome for our service users being that their quality of life and access to opportunities has improved significantly. Having tried and tested many ‘behaviour training’ courses and strategies over the years, we can hand on heart state that Positive Response Training’s PBMpro programme is the most ethical, proactive and person-centred approach going.” Stroud Court Community Trust

“We have been using Positive Response for over a decade and it continues to have a positive impact on our organisation and practices. We have seen a reduction in the intensity, frequency and duration of behaviours that challenge from the individuals in our services and it enables us to provide long term placements for the people that we support. Having PBMpro trainers within our organisation helps us to keep up to date with best practice and legislation and be responsive to behaviours and the needs of the individuals that we support. The PBMpro training package provides staff with a good understanding of behaviour that challenges and the proactive strategies that can be effective in supporting our user group and equips them to manage behaviour. It helps to further embed the values around PBS that we want and need in our staff.” Healey Care