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Behaviours which challenge always happen for a reason and are often a person’s best means of achieving some control over their environment and getting their needs met. Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) is a person-centred approach to supporting people who display, or are at risk of displaying, behaviours which challenge. PBS involves understanding the reasons for the behaviour and considering the person as a whole – including their life history, physical health and emotional needs – to implement ways of supporting the person.

Click here to read more about PBS and watch the videos made by the Challenging Behaviour Foundation and our clinical director Dr David Allen.

Positive Approaches to Challenging Behaviour

This CPD approved one day PBS theory course is applicable to all staff who support service users whose behaviours challenge. The training gives a broad introduction to PBS by exploring:

  • The concept of challenging behaviour
  • Basic building blocks of the behavioural model
  • Entry level behavioural assessment
  • Basic interventions to prevent challenging behaviour
  • How to create helpful learning environments.

The focus is very much on primary prevention strategies and the course therefore provides critical complementary training for staff who may also require instruction in secondary and reactive strategies via our PBMpro model.

The training is available in two formats:

A one-day course for up to 20 staff delivered by a Positive Response trainer in your own venue. The course fee is £895 plus VAT.

A self-directed version that can be completed by participants working individually or as part of a larger group. This comprises:

  • Five videos featuring the course tutor, Dr David Allen, Clinical Director, Positive Response Training
  • A workbook and additional exercise materials
  • A facilitator guide that supports the completion of the course exercises in a group format
  • The opportunity for participants to pose questions to the course tutor
  • An online automated knowledge test.

This version is licensed for specific use within your organisation and on an unlimited basis therein. As such, it provides a cost-effective means of providing foundation level training in PBS as a routine component of staff induction and refresher training. The licence fee is £695 plus VAT.

Discounts are available to customers who also use our PBMpro training programme: 10% off the workshop and 15% off the facilitator pack.

Click here for our PBS leaflet

For training that includes physical interventions please click here for information about our Bild ACT certified PBMpro training.

Brief Behavioural Assessment Tool (BBATpro)

Functional Behavioural Assessment – finding out under what conditions a person’s behaviour tends to occur and what outcomes it achieves for them, is central to providing effective Positive Behavioural Support. It is only by producing such an assessment that we can properly understand the meaning behind a person’s behaviour and develop appropriate support plans for them.

Often, decisions are made about how to support someone to change their challenging behaviour without really understanding why the behaviour is happening in the first place. Not surprisingly, interventions that are not based on functional assessment are much less effective than those which are.

BBATpro will help you to carry out an entry level functional assessment of challenging behaviour. It is a semi-structured functional assessment tool that comes with a detailed manual that provides clear instructions for both completing the interview and interpreting the results.  The manual also provides instructions for supplementing the interview with direct observations and guidance on producing entry level PBS plans.

Organisations can buy a licenced copy of BBATpro for £75 plus VAT. This will give you unlimited use within your organisation.

Click here for our PBS leaflet

In-depth Behavioural Assessment (PBSpro)

More complex behavioural challenges require more complex assessment – something that can be achieved by our online tool, PBSpro. This brings Positive Behavioural Support within everyone’s grasp – parents, teachers, support staff and professionals – by taking users through a step-by-step process of:

1.Conducting a Functional Behavioural Assessment

2.Collecting direct behavioural observations and refining your assessment

3.Producing an individualised PBS plan based on the above

Each step costs £12.99 inc VAT
Click here to go to the PBSpro webpage.

For training that includes physical interventions please click here for information about our Bild ACT certified PBMpro training.