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Positive Approaches to Behaviour that Challenges

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Positive Approaches to Behaviour that Challenges

Positive Approaches to Behaviour that Challenges is a CPD-certified one-day PBS theory course. It is applicable to all staff who support service users whose behaviour challenges. The training gives a broad introduction to PBS by exploring:

• The concept of behaviour that challenges
• Basic building blocks of the behavioural model
• Entry level behavioural assessment
• Basic interventions to prevent behaviour that challenges
• How to create helpful learning environments.

The focus is very much on primary prevention strategies and the course therefore provides foundation level PBS training for all care staff. It also represents recommended complementary training for staff who may additionally require instruction in reactive strategies via our PBMpro model.

The training is available as a face-to-face one day workshop delivered by us (option 1) or as a self-directed training package where you run the programme within your organisation yourself (option 2).

Option 1 – The on-site workshop

• Five units delivered on-site by one of our senior trainers using PowerPoint
• A workbook and additional exercise materials
• The opportunity for group discussion and Q&A
• A quiz paper or online automated knowledge test
• Certificate of attendance.

Costs for the workshop

The cost for the on-site workshop is £995 plus VAT for a group of up to 20 delegates. Courses are delivered at a local venue of your choice; we’ll come you – at no additional cost.

Option 2 – The self-directed training package

• Five videos featuring the course designer, Dr David Allen
• A workbook and additional exercise materials
• A facilitator guide that supports the completion of the course exercises in a group format
• The opportunity for participants to email questions to Positive Response
• A quiz paper or online automated knowledge test
• Certificate of attendance.

Self-directed format

An easy to manage self-directed programme that gives you all the information and materials to deliver the training to your employees yourself. It gives you the option to run face-to-face sessions for small or large groups (up to 20) or to provide the training remotely, either as a live session or for your employees to study independently.

How is the training course delivered?

Because this option is presented as videos, rather than PowerPoint, you do not need a PBS trainer to deliver it. The videos are supplied with the presentation by Dr David Allen included. The videos can be paused to complete the exercises and, in a group setting, to allow time for discussion and feedback. The workbook and exercises can be completed on-screen or by using printed copies.

How long are the videos?

The videos average around 30 minutes each but vary from around 15-40 minutes in length, excluding the time for carrying out the exercises. The videos include instructions for the exercises which can be carried out individually or within a group setting.

How do we obtain the materials?

The self-directed materials are provided to you on two password-protected webpages on our website. One webpage is for facilitators and the other can be shared with your employees if they are working remotely.

Delegates can view the videos and download a PDF workbook and PDF handouts to either print and complete by hand or complete on-screen and save to their computer. Alternatively, facilitators could download and print the materials to give copies to delegates. Facilitators have access to download the videos and a facilitator guide. The guide provides advice about the different options and includes information about delivering the training as a classroom-based course or online via a sharing platform.

Can delegates ask questions?

As well as discussing with other delegates and talking to your own course facilitator, delegates can also email questions to Positive Response and have access to a list of frequently asked questions together with responses.

How is the course assessed?

At the end of the course, delegates complete a paper-based or online quiz. If they submit their answers online, they get immediate feedback and a copy of the results sent to their email address.

Are certificates issued?

We provide you with a certificate template as part of the package. Once your delegates have completed the course you can issue certificates of attendance. We’d suggest you ask your delegates to send you copies of their completed workbook and quiz if they are doing the course independently.

Licence details

The self-directed training programme is licensed annually for you to train employees within your named organisation only and on an unlimited basis therein. Provided you pay the annual renewals, you can continue to use the materials within your organisation. Full details are in the PBS agreement.

Costs for the self-directed option

The initial licence fee is £950 plus VAT plus an annual renewal fee of £125 plus VAT thereafter. As such, it provides a cost-effective means of providing introductory training in PBS for your employees. The renewal licence fee covers continued use of the materials, access to programme updates, access to the Q&A and ongoing hosting. Customers who also use our PBMpro training programme are eligible for a discount of 15% on the initial fee.

Click here to download a copy of the course details in our PBS leaflet

This course does not include physical techniques. If your organisation requires Bild-certified physical intervention training please click here to go to our PBMpro section.